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Welcome to The Sippy-Cup by Kory Wilcox.

OK, I’ve been taking a long break since 2011… not from wine, of course, but from reviewing. If you are interested in helping the site stay alive by becoming a contributor, please comment and let me know!

If you came here looking for a specific wine, please take note that the search feature is inclusive, so if you want to search for a specific “rating,” brand, name, varietal, and/or tasting characteristic, just type it in the search box separated by spaces.  Note that search does not include categories or comments.

If you’re here looking for general reviews of a specific style of wine, the “Find A Wine” drop down to your right will let you drill down by category to find reviews.  Reviews will be displayed 25-to-a-page, so you might have to keep digging to find something that interests you.

My original goal for this blog was to create a place for friends to test our palettes, but without any snobbery or elitism.  My taste is certainly not a purely objective measure of a wine’s value; there’s still plenty of subjectivity and inexperience at work here.  Nevertheless, I am trying my best to be unbiased as I continue to explore the world of wine. Please let me know if you want to join me by posting your own reviews.

And, in any case, thanks to you for being a part of The Sippy-Cup.  Happy sipping!

–kory /


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