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Grading Scale

This page should explain my grading method in a little bit more detail.  Contributors, please use this as a guide when making your own ratings of a wine.

N/R :: Not rated – I chose to forego my earliest wine “ratings,” as at the time I lacked any idea of what I was really tasting in comparison to other wines.  Use this if you are just learning your taste, or if you don’t feel you can be objective with your wine rating.

1.0 to 6.9 :: Party Pooper – You can probably do better than the wine that falls in this range, and perhaps even by spending less. If you are buying, steer clear, unless you’re out to verify that your tastes are in line with others.  If you are reviewing, reserve this range for wines that, in your eyes, don’t make the cut.

7.0 to 7.9 :: Standby Solution – Wines that I probably would drink if someone gave to me, but that are not high on my personal list for another purchase. Out-of-balance but flavorful wines are likely to fall here.

8.0 to 8.9 :: Above Average – Wines that are staples at a party, or always good to drink, or always a good value; these are wines that I could personally consider buying regularly.

9 to 10 :: Exceeds Expectations – These wines are among my favorites. They are either characterized by amazing flavor and structure, or a very, very high QPR.


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