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Posting Instructions

Welcome Sippy-Cup contributors.  I just have a few simple guidelines that will help keep this blog organized:

1) Post titles should include rating (in parentheses); vintage and vineyard and wine name (in quotes, if applicable); and blend varietals (seperated by space/space, if applicable).  For example, if I have just tasted the 2006 Yalumba Y-Series Shiraz/Viognier and rated it as 8.5, then my post title would look like this:

(8.5) 2006 Yalumba “Y Series” Shiraz / Viognier

2) Please also include in the body of your post the growing region/city of origin, as well as the price you paid/retail price of the bottle.

3) If you can, please note the date of tasting if possible and select that also as your post date

4) Include a summary of your tasting notes and any recommended food pairings.  Please also indicate whether this was a bottle you purchased or whether it was tried at another location.  If the latter, would you purchase it for yourself?

5) Select all applicable categories for your wine.  However, for blends, please do not select the component grapes as categories.  At least “All Reviews,” a ‘hue,’ a region, and a price range should always be checked.

I would appreciate it if everyone would stick to at least these guidelines.  I think this will help keep the site organized and manageable for now.  I’ll see if I have to add more later.  Thanks for contributing!

–kory /


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